Live Avalanche Filmed Accidentally During An Interview

In December 2016, a live avalanche was filmed accidentally during an interview with the resort’s manager. The manager acted like nothing has happened when skiers are buried by the avalanche. Check out how it happened!

avalanche dujring interview

A disturbing video appeared on the internet after a resort manager who was giving an interview saw his guests crushed by an avalanche, and he laughed, continuing to talk like nothing happened.

During the interview, the man was talking to the camera about how elegant and brilliant his resort is! He was so focused on praising his business that he didn’t even bother to react when an avalanche hit the skiers behind him.

manager smiles while avalanche hit skiers

Everybody panicked and people were trying to help the skiers to get out of the snow, while this nut head here, continued to talk like everything was just fine!

According to the local media, everybody got out alive from the snow! Here you have the full video of the interview and the avalanche.

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