Lucky People Escaping Stupid Accidents

Really Lucky People Escaping From Stupid Accidents

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Some people are lucky enough to make it out alive out of the stupidest accidents! You will see some amazing cases of people cheating death by just a couple of inches! They say that we all make our own luck, well the people you are about to see are probably experts at making their own luck because by all odds, they should be dead by now. Luckily, they managed to survive from horrible accidents which could’ve ended tragically. Have a look and see their stories.

Girl Nearly Decapitated By Speeding Train

Girl Almost Hit By Speeding Train

The video you are about to see is terribly scary! The girl in the clip is just seconds away from being decapitated… Luckily, in the last moment, she came to her senses and pulled her head back inside her compartment, hence avoiding a really tragic situation: decapitation.
Would you stick your head out on the window of a really fast moving train if your friends dared you? The correct answer should be heck NO! Well, apparently, the girl in this video wouldn’t agree.
At least, if you do such a thing, check both ways before sticking your neck out. What’s even more shocking about this clip is the fact that the friend who was filming the whole thing never warned the poor girl of the incoming imminent danger… he just kept on filming, and if the “star” of the video hadn’t accidentally turned her head in the opposite direction, she wouldn’t be alive today.

Have a look for yourself and decide how incredibly stupid her deed is.

More Stupid Accidents with Lucky Victims

1. The video that you are about to see is really gonna get you thinking that luck is one amazing thing! By all odds, the people in the video should be dead by now, but divine providence or luck brought them home safe and sound. In the beginning of the clip, you will see a few accidents where the drivers of cars somehow stop the car exactly on the railroad… And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a train heading their way, a rain which misses the cars by millimeters. Lucky people!

2. In the video below, the people truly cheat death by a few inches! You will see a compilation of nothing short than miracles.

– A man moves 2 inches from his initial spot in an off-road race, and a car crashes near him. If eh had kept his original position, he would’ve been severely hit. It’s really stupid that he’d stand so close to the road in an off-road race.

– A teenager is not careful while crossing the street on his skateboard and is hit and run over by a car… Luckily, he made it put alive…
– A man manages to avoid a speeding bus that hit a car and bounced off on the side-walk
– A man is walking normally on the sidewalk and all of a sudden jumps on the highway just to get out of the way of a speeding car… Weird!

In the video below you will see a man who’s in a hurry to cross the street on his scooter, but haste makes people do stupid deeds… He waits to cross a very populated highway and gets hit by a speeding car. Luckily, he made it out alive with just a leg injury.

Guns and the stupid/lucky people who use them

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