Man Got Hit by a Out-of-control Bus and Survives

Watch this shocking video of a man who survived after being hit by an out-of-control bus in Reading, U.K.

Sometimes it’s hard to predict accidents and horrible things like this can happen, but when faith is on your side, you get hit by a bus and instead of getting to a hospital you hit a pub for a cold beer.

man got hit by a bus goes to a pub

Simon Smith, a 53 years old father and citizen of Reading, U.K, was crossing a street when an out-of-control bus struck him in the back. The shocking video shows the bus veering round the corner right before hitting Simon and smashing into a shop.

bus hitting man and crush a store

You can say Simon is a very lucky man as the faith was on his side that day. After being hit by the bus, he got up from the ground and walk into a pub for a beer. What were the chances for him to be alive? The police and doctors didn’t believe that he had been hit by the bus because he suffered minor injuries that didn’t need medical care. Below you can see the photo of Mr. Smith walking into the pub immediately after being hit by the bus.

smith walking into the bar after being hit by bus

Below you can see the whole shocking footage! Check it out.

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