Most Extreme Cheerleader Accidents Of All Time

Most Extreme Cheerleader Accidents Of All Time

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Being a cheerleader is one of the most dangerous jobs in sports.

#10 Arena League Cheerleader Gets Crushed – Most Arena League analysts consider it one of the most exiciting plays in Arena League football history.

#9 Cheerleader Gets Taken Out By Linebacker – This is what they call getting “Dick Butt-Kissed.”

#8 Cheerleader Crushes Another Cheerleader – And I heard they were totally fighting before the game because she found out he was totally cheating on her.

#7 Cheerleader Crushed By Entire Football Team – This is one of the ways football players flirt with cheerleaders.

#6 Running Back Lays The Cheerleader Smackdown – It’s always unfortunate when your star running back gets injured by a cheerleader.

#5 Cheerleader Gets Hulk Smashed – Don’t worry, I’m sure he treated her to a chocolate shake after the game… with two straws.

#4 Cheerleader In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time – It’s like totally like the biggest bummer ever, you guys.

#3 Male Cheerleader Tackles Player – And that’s how a male cheerleader achieves a cheerleader orgy after the game.

#2 Laker Girl Gets Annihilated By Matt Barnes & Carl Landry – Finally something interesting happens during an NBA preaseason game!

#1 Cheerleader Gets Absolutely Leveled – This is the brutal side of cheerleading that they’re afraid to show you on Glee and Hellcats.

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