Mother-of-three Filmed Giving a Lap Dance Aboard a Ryanair Flight

A mother-of-three was filmed giving a lap dance to a stranger aboard a Ryanair flight and the video became viral. The mom said the incident was a complete mistake and everything was blown out of all proportion.

mother of three giving lap dance on ryanair flight

Tracey Bolton was kinda’ drunk last week when she got on a Ryanair flight to Ibiza and she ended up giving a lap dance to a stranger. After the video became viral Trancey said everything was a big mistake as she insisted the pair did not have sex even though the man asked for a condom.

mom giving lap dance into plane 440x700

Ashamed about giving a lap dance to sous chef Shaun Edmondson, Tracey added continuously that this mistake needs to disappear as she wants to get on with her normal life. She owns a children café where she serves scones. Check out the shameful video below!


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