Pregnant Woman Was Deadly Shot In The Head While Dancing

Unbelievable extreme tragic video with Kulvinder Kaur, a pregnant woman, who was got a deadly shot in the head while dancing on a stage, at a wedding in Punjab, India! The sad tragic footage is real, caught by someone in the crowd.

Kulvinder was having fun, dancing on a stage during a wedding held in Punjab, when the guy who she refused to dance with, killed her by putting a bullet in her head!

The horrifying moment was filmed by a guy with a mobile phone, including the moment when the man who was holding a shotgun pulled the trigger and shot the woman right in the head.

The gun was owned by Sanjay Goyal, son of Vijay Goyal, who is a local politician. Sanjay was also present at the crime scene but until now the police arrested four possible shooters.

Here you have the full video of the horrifying incident!

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