Unbelievably Stupid SWAT Fail

Unbelievably Stupid SWAT Fail

swat romania

Believe it or not, Romania does have her own SWAT team, but having such a team doesn’t automatically mean it’s a skillful well trained organization. No sir, this “special” SWAT team doesn’t really prove it can handle high risk situations, on the contrary, it shows it can perform just fine in the Special Olympics.

Check out how a Special Weapons and Tactics works like a not so well oiled machine in Timisoara, one of Romania’s biggest cities. With a drop of a gun, and a drop fall of an officer this special team heads out on their mission to subdue and arrest heavily armed wrong-doers. Good thing they have the best equipment for the job: body armor to break their fall, bullet proof vests, to prevent the bullets from the gun this team member accidentally dropped.

Take a look at the video of this incredible hilarious yet kinda stupid romanian SWAT fail.

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