What happens when revenge goes wrong

4 cases of revenge cases that went wrong, women’s revenge gone wrong, because they were done in a quite stupid way.

Nowadays, revenge is something usual. I bet that we often hear ”I will make him/her pay for what he/she did to me”. Am I right? But let’s take a moment and think if the revenge is good or bad. We tend to say that is good because it helps us feel better but this is what we think. In fact, is not like this at all. Confucius said that before starting a revenge journey, you must dig two tombs”. Why? Because revenge is blind and it can harm us too, even though we don’t notice that. When you are hurt, don’t act immediately. Take your time and think about what happened. If you are open minded you realize that revenge is not good for you and time will heal all the injuries.

But let’s see what can happen if we listen to our revenge instinct.


women getting revenge 300x188

Above we can see an angry woman destroying her boyfriend’s car. Can you imagine a reason why is she doing this? Of course, he did something to her, more exactly, he cheated on her. She hit his car for ten minutes and you can imagine that after she finished „the job”, the car was completely destroyed. She threw a rock into the car’s windows and then, with a tube, she hit the rest of the car.


Ben Taylor, age 21, witnessed this scene. He said that he heard the woman saying she just wants to revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend. The vengeful women left just before the police had arrived.


men getting revenge 280x300
Men getting revenge

Ryan Fitzgerald is guilty for the ”wonderful” tattoo from above. He found out that his girlfriend cheated on him and he decided to revenge in a unique way. He told his girlfriend to let him make a tattoo on her entire back, and she gave her permission because she thought that he will tattoo a wonderful landscape. The women sued him when she saw what he has on her back. What would you do if you would have been in the women’s situation? Well, I think that I would have tried to pick off all my back skin. Do you think that this man took a good decision concerning this kind of revenge?


Cheating revenge semen  200x300
An embarrassing revenge

What do you think about this kind of revenge? Do you think that her revenge was successful or not? Does that man felt guilty or embarrassed? Well, the answer to all my questions is definitely NO. In fact, the embarrassed one is the woman from that picture. This picture was uploaded on Facebook in Tennessee and it was meant to help her feel better by revenging on Tim. Tim is her ex-boyfriend and as we can see, Tim cheated on her and she did the same. She came with proofs of her unfaithful in order to make Tim feel awful. I would feel awful if I was her, but as far as I can see, she feels proud of her posted picture. What do you think about this kind of revenge? Is it something normal nowadays?


kid got murdered 300x201
Extreme revenge

Until now, I spoke about revenge caused by infidelity. In the picture from above we can see a child, an innocent child who had suffered because of the darken wish of a man to revenge. A kid died in a car accident but it turned out that the driver hit him intentionally, as the driver was angry and wanted to revenge on the child’s parents because they didn’t help him when he needed them. This refuse hurt him and he wanted that the two people to feel the same pain he felt. I usually don’t agree with revenge in general, especially with this kind of revenge.

I know that the last part is sad, but I wanted to show the negative parts of revenge. Revenge can harm you, can harm your soul, your feelings, but moreover, it can harm innocent people. We should forget about revenge and start communicating more about what made us mad, sad, angry. Only in this way we will not feel the need for revenge.

I hope you liked the situations I exposed here and, if you were pro-revenge, I hope you changed your mind about getting revenge!

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