Wife Goes Wild after Catching her Husband Cheating

Man, if you know your wife is crazy, don’t do shitty things like cheating! It might not end well for you! A super funny video with a wife going wild after catching her husband cheating became popular overnight!

wife goes wild after catching her husband cheating

This crazy video was filmed on 19th February 2017 and raised more than 100,000 views till now. As you’ll see in the picture below, a man was chilling at a bar in Rio Verde in Goias, Brazil. While peacefully drinking his beer, his wife showed up… Guess what happens after!

crazy wife caught cheating husband

The angry wife storms in from the right and finds his husband staying next to a woman who is believed to be his mistress. The peaceful image didn’t last for long!

angry woman starts a fight with her husband and his mistress

The wild wife slaps her husband around the face and then grabs the mistress by her hair pulling her over the table. When the husband tries to intervene, this wonder woman drags the mistress and the husband on the ground! I would certainly bet my money on her!

wonder wife drags her husband and mistress on the ground

Chairs were thrown away, they shared punches, brawled in the bar before they are ushered out, and continue the crazy fight in the street.  Another woman, who is supposed to be a wife’s friend, intervened in the fight and shared some punches too!

woman fights with her cheating husband

The wild wife pulled her husband on the ground again and starts punching him in the face. During the insane fight, the wife managed to rip her husband’s shirt as he went back in the bar shirtless to finish his beer in peace.

shirtless man goes back in the bar after fight

Here you can see the whole video filmed by the bar’s surveillance cameras!

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