Worst Hangover Ever caught on Camera

Have you ever wondered what is the worst hangover ever, that has been actually caught on camera? Well, it’s the first time when a real case it’s so terrible that will make you quit drinking! Check out the pictures and videos.

terrible hangover

Police found a man so drunk, lying down in river’s mud, with such a huge hangover that he could not wake up! People thought he is actually dead. No wonder. This is the worst case of hangover that has ever been documented and made public!
What a star! Jorge Luis Villanueva Anticona has had the worst hangover in history – that would make the creators of the movie ‘The Hangover’ pretty jealous! Famous at 25 yers old, huh?

PAY Worst Hangover ever

Worst Hangover ever

Worst Hangover ever man

It all happened in Cajamarca, Peru.

You don’t believe it? See it for yourself in the video below. Yes, this is a real case.


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