Worst Plastic Surgeries: Celebs & Regular People

The Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Jacqueline Stallone after

Care to see the worst celebrity plastic surgeries? How about really bad plastic surgery don on regular people? Well, here’s the place where you can check them out. When it comes to beauty, it’s kinda hard to find something all natural, cause anyone goes under the knife for a little nip and tuck…Some, turn out great, but others, come out looking freaky, and all that because they just wouldn’t settle for natural beauty. See pictures of the disastrous results and be careful what you wish for the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, and don’t like what you see.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries 2012

1. Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone young

Just look at how stunning Sylvester Stallone’s mother looked in her youth… Jackie was born in 1921, which makes her 91 years old now… and generally, women hate being around people who know their real age, but Jackie apparently has nothng to fear, as she clearly proved in 2012 at the premiere of her son’s new movie, “The Expendables 2”.

Jacqueline Stallone after

Unfortunately for Jackie Stallone has definitely outdone herself this time… her plastic surgeries look awful! The lips are humongous, her face looks like someone stretched beyond recognition… hey, all in all her surgeons did a BAD job (but we’re sure they’re not to blame). Her 2012 “new face” involved a new face lift, countless lip-injections, a necklift and numerous fill-injections in her cheeks… Sadly… the only good thing about Jackie Sallone’s new face is the nose, which seems to have been rebuilt (it started falling apart just a while back, after other BAD plastic surgeries)

See Jackie Stallone’s evolution in time in the pictures below:

Jackie Stallone before

Jacqueline Stallone before 1

Jacqueline Stallone 2

Jacqueline Stallone 90

2. Lacey Wildd

Lacey Wildd mmm

Allow us to indroduce Lacey Wildd, a mother of 6 who claims that she got her MMM cup size breast augumentation in order to provide for her children… Now, the thought of that is heart warming just about till the moment you realize that this woman has spent more money on her 13 breast implant surgeries, than she won from modeling… Pretty ironic, isn’t it?

See below how she looked in her youth, before all of the plastic surgeries.

Lacey Wildd before

And here’s how she looks after: 2 tummy tucks, 4 full-body liposuctions, “ab sculpting” (more liposuction), butt implants, 2 butt lifts, lip implants, filler injections and Botox.

Lacey Wildd after

See her story in the video below:

3. Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson young

Behold natural beauty! Full luscious lips, a killer look, what more can a girl ask for? Well… she can ask for plastic surgery… but for renown model Janice Dickinson, plastic surgery turned out to be destructive!

Janice Dickinson after

The 57-year old former supermodel has been very candid about her numerous plastic surgeries, and now that she’s realized the damage she did to her own face, she’s gonna have a hard time (and super-expensive) to try to fix all of the bad plastic surgeries she got.

4. Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

Remember this pretty face from charmed? Well, Rose McGowan’s angelic looks have become the victim of plastic surgery… Bad plastic surgery. Instead of preserving her natural good looks naturally, Rose underwent surgery and the result is awful! Have a look for yourself.

Rose McGowan before and after

rose mcgowan bad surgery

5. Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan young1

lindsay lohan young

Didn’t Lindsay Lohan look simply precious? The correct word is LOOKED, because after having numerous plastic surgeries, she looks her worst! Apparently, she may be able to shake her drug and alcohol addictions, but she can’t get rid of the addiction to bad plastic surgeries.

Lindsay Lohan 2012

More of the worst plastic surgeries on page 2:

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