Worst Prison Escape: Prisoner Got Stuck In the Wall

Worst Prison Escapes: Prisoner Gets Stuck In the Wall And Other Escape Fails

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Escaping prison can be funny! Especially if the prisoner gets stuck in the hole he dug in the wall, just like Rafael Valadao did while trying to escape from a prison in Brazil. The chubby prisoner started screaming for help when he noticed that his barrel-chest refused to fit through the escape hole.
How did this all end? Let’s find out together.

Rafael Valadao is a 28-year-old prisoner in a Brazilian facility. The inmate became the laughing-stock of the whole prison after he got his mean, keen fighting machine, tattooed body stuck in the wall he specifically broke in order to escape.

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So, above you can see the hole that was supposed to be the escape route for four of the inmates who were sharing a cell in a secure Brazilian prison. This narrow hole through the wall was carved with a shower pipe, and as surprising as this might seem, one prisoner actually managed to escape through this narrow hole.
Unfortunately, after the first prisoner escaped, Rafael Valadao decided to go second and make a run for his life… There was just one tiny problem that kept him back… and that tiny problem was called the small hole! The results? I am sure you can imagine… If not, check out the picture below:

prison escape fail 7

After realizing that he was stuck, the though prisoner had to cry for help, and he literally cried, cause due to all of the struggling, Rafael managed to break a rib, and he could’ve even punctured a lung. The remaining of his cell-mates tried to push him out or pull him back in, but their efforts were obviously without success. The inmate that got away was not captured and is still at large.

Check out some more pictures of this incredibly stupid and lame prison escape.

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prison escape fail 4

prison escape fail 3

prison escape fail 2

More Prison Escape Fails

The guys in the video below were brought in to the police station in cuffs, and tied together. Now, you have to admire their team-work… In the van, they decided that they will make a run for it as soon as the policemen weren’t looking. Sadly, they forgot on little detail: the chains! And chains go extremely well with poles. Have a look below and see three crooks who have an incredibly stupid attempt to escape prison time:

And if you aren’t laughing enough from that case, have a look at this guy below. He must have watched a lot of loony tunes before going into prison, cause somehow, he thought that he can fly in order to escape prison. What happened? Have a look at the video below and see:

And may I direct your attention to the two gentlemen below, who were also cuffed together and tried to escape:

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