10 Most Amazing Grass Sculptures-Indonesian Man Makes Art From Grass

10 Most Amazing Grass Sculptures


The sculpture, In the Garden of Dreams, was made by brother and sister team Sue and Pete Hill.This sculpture was created as a sister to the Mud Maid which can be found at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.

For most people, grass is not the first thing to come to mind when someone says “sculpture” or “art”, but one man in indonesia is using a native grass to create life-size sculptures.

Makroni is a new type of sculptor. His medium is a native grass that is traditionally used to bundle vegetables. Makroni uses the grass to create life-size sculptures of animals. To accomplish this unique art form Makroni uses special knots–he knows more 2500 of them.

Among his sculptures is a rendering of an Ox, inspired by this year’s animal in the Chinese zodiac. Makroni’s art is becoming popular with tourists and sought after by collectors.

His life-sized pieces routinely sell for $5000. [Makroni, Grass Sculptor]: (MALE SOUNDBITE) This grass is usually used to tie bunches of vegetables together, but now it has been replaced by rubber bands, so I thought of another way to make use of it–I make this art. Makroni also makes smaller sculptures that make good souvenirs and are hot sellers with tourists.

But his real love is for his large creations. To finish one of his large works it takes him three months and over one acre of grass. Makroni grows all of the grass he uses on his own land. His grass art has sometimes raised some eyebrows, especially with his neighbors who were surprised that he would use all of his land to grow grass, but Makroni sees hijmself as a bit of a sculpture visionaire.

Here is the video


Cool and creative Formula 1 car grass figure

This is an amazing elephant grass sculpture.


Unicorns United.


In the grounds of a country house in Cornwall near the fishing village of Mevagissy the Victorian gardens have been restored to their former glory.


If you have ever visited an art gallery and felt assailed by the “don’t touch” signs, then Lucy Strachan’s work is for you. Her outdoor sculptures cry out to be touched – or even stroked and hugged, something the artist herself encourages. “Spinning Top” was Lucy’s first grass work.

Men grass sculpture at Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen by Wim Quist architects.


Giraffe grass sculpture found in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia during summer time.


Cow grass sculpture, photo by TiffersAnn.


Cool grass sculpture camel.

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