Amazing Talking Plate Warns You About Your Eating Habits

Amazing Talking Plate Warns You About Your Eating Habits

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If you’re struggling to lose weight, but those midnight snacks just keep adding to the centimeters you were supposed to lose instead of gain, have no fear, scientists have invented a new, smart plate, which will tell you when you’re overdoing it, or what more you should ad to your meal. The doctors’ new weapon against obesity is called The Mandometer, and it’s able to monitor the amount of food leaving the plate, telling users who gobble: “Please eat more slowly!”. How expensive is this new technology? Well, its inventors estimated that one plate should cost around 1,500 pounds.

The new gadget is composed of two parts: a scale placed under the plate and a small computer screen showing a graphic of the food that gradually disappears as the user eats. The screen also gives you a messages asking: “Are you feeling full yet?” in order to remind its owner to reassess whether they have had enough to eat or not.

Obesity is soon going to be a major reason for concern, so the new plate has been included in a trial program in England, hoping to reduce obesity by teaching people to eat slower and to be aware when they feel they have had enough food.

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