Australian Woman Discovered the Secret of Youth

A beautiful Australian woman has a spectacular bikini look at the unbelievable age of 70! It is believed that she discovered the secret of youth, a trick that can be surely tried by everyone: she has been able to live 28 years without sugar and uses Xylitol instead.

australian woman discovered the secret of youth

Carolyn Hartz is a beautiful 70-years-old Australian woman who kills any myths that ‘forever’ youth cannot be achieved. She is a mother-of-three and managed to look fantastic at the age of 70 by respect a strict lifestyle!

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Age is just a number and Carolyn proved it so right! She stopped eating sugar 28 years ago after years of being addicted to sweets and started a new healthy life. She gave a very important advice to every woman in the world: ‘It may be more difficult to stay in shape for women after 40, but is still possible if you really want to work it out.’

woman at 70 looks like 40

Carolyn is on a diet based on vegetable, fish, chicken, and proteins and she eats every night 2 pieces of dark chocolate. What she thinks is actually important is to see the glass always half full and weather presenters to say a partially sunny day, not a partially cloudy day. Live happily, eat happily, be happy!

This 70-year-old looks amazing after cutting out sugar for 28 …

Carolyn Hartz gave up sugar nearly 30 years ago — and hasn't looked back:

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