Awesome Time Capsule From 1957 Found In Boston

An awesome time capsule from 1957 was found at MIT, in Boston. It is believed that some students buried the capsule containing papers and scientific odds and ends, in 1957.

MIT Time Capsule Discovered In Boston

This time capsule has been buried by MIT students back in 1957 and it was discovered in 2016 during the recent construction project on MIT’s new nanotechnology laboratory.

The capsule stayed buried for 58 years, but it was supposed to be found in 2957 !?! Those students were pretty optimistic to believe that their capsule would resist undiscovered for 1000 years in the underground.

It was made of glass because unlike metal or wood, rust and rot would not affect the capsule or the items in it.

Check out the video below to find out more about the time capsule!

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