Castles of the World Inside And Out

Castles of the World Inside And Out


The Chateau of Chambord

When we were little I’m sure all of us imagined how it would be like to be part of royalty. Little girls would imagine themselves as princesses in big castles just waiting for their night in shining armor. After that, they all lived happily ever after in their huge castle.   Well here’s a collection of weird, funny and interesting facts about some of the biggest, most luxurious and extravagant castles in the world.

1. The Chateau of Chambord

The property contains the castle itself,  the village and the park and is situated in the department of Loire-et-Cher, central France (Loire Valley). For many years, this castle was a retreat for the French Kings, especially the fierce Louis XIV.

Interesting facts about the castle of Chambord:

  • This castle is one of the most famous manor houses on the planet. It was built by King Francois I in order for him to be close all the time to his mistress Comtesse de Thoury.
  • The Chambord Chateau is the largest castle found throughout the Loire Valley and it was used as hunting domain.
  • It has an impressive number of roms, chimneys, fireplaces: 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, to be more exact.
  • The most interesting facts about the Chateu of Chambord are the double helix staircase (just one of the 84 staircases).

Take a look at some beautiful pictures for the castle’s interior:

6 Chateau of Chambord Ma Promenade inside

A king-size bed, the deer show the hunting motif.

chambord double staircase


2. Neuschwanstein Castle

neuschwanstein castle germany

The picture speaks for itself, this castle is probably the most charming one of all, despite it’s controversial origins.

Interesting facts about  Neuschwanstein Castle:

  • The name Neuschwanstein actually means: New Swan Stone, inspired by Wagner’s Swan Knight. Many of te castle’s rooms are inspired by Wagner’s operas, yet Wagner never visited the castle because of his early death.
  • It was built for King Ludwig II and was designed for only one person, the king, yet in some days it is visited by a large number of people, up to 6000/day.
  • This castle insipred Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland.
  • The woodwork in the bedroom alone lasted more than 4 years to complete and was made by 14carpenters.
  • There’s no Throne Room in the castle, because King Ludwig II died before it was completed.
  • The designer of the castle, Christian Jank was only a theatrical designer, not a real architect.

Even though there are no cameras allowed, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most photographed castles in the world. Take a look at some inside pictures.

Neuschwanstein king bedroom

3. Versailles


The Palace of Versailles is one of the most extravagant buildings in the world.

Intresting facts about Versailles:

  • The entire domain is bigger than the island of Manhattan and larger than Paris.
  • The costs of construcing the palace rise up to 2 billion dollars, based on existing records.
  • The palace was so luxurious and opulent that even the stables built for the kings 2000 horses had fireplaces.
  • It’s Hall Of Mirrors has 17 large chandeliers and another 26 smaller ones made out of solid silver.
  • The Chapel took over 28 years to complete because of Louis’s demands of total perfection.
  • The queen’s dormitory is one of the largest rooms because she had to give birth in public.

versailes gate

The gates of Versailles were designed to look like the Gates of Heaven.

4. Chateau de Chenonceau

Chateau de Chenonceau

Interesting facts about the castle of  Chenonceau:

  • It’s also referred to as The Castle of Ladies, due to the implication of feminine figures in it’s design.
  • The castle we know today was built in 1513 by Charles XVIII of France, he used his wife’s extremely good taste in design to make this castle one of the beautifulest castles in France.
  • In 1547, Diane de Poitiers who was King Francis I’s mistress who contributed with the exquisite gardens.
  • Catherine de’ Medici forced the mistress out of the palace and brought her own conmtribution to the palace: splendid gardens.
  • Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont lost her mind while living in the castle due to her husband’s assassination.

Chenonceau castle bedroom

Next time you visit France, make sure you see the Chateau de Chenonceau, because it’s one of the most visited palaces in France.

5. Linderhof



Intresting facts about Linderhof:

  • Linderhof was built by King Ludwig II (1845 – 1886), one of Bavaria’s most eccentric kings. The palace is one of the king’s smallest palaces, even tho it’s spectaculaty large.
  • It has 10 types of marble in it.

Linderhof interior photos


  • The staircase is a smaller replica of the famous Ambassador’s staircase from, Versailles, it being the inspiration source for the entire castle.
  • The position o the bed and the balustrade give the impression of an altar built in the king’s honor.


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