Celebrity IQs. Who Do You Think Has The Lowest or Highest One?

Celebrity IQs. Who Do You Think Has The Lowest One?

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Aren’t you curious to know which one of our modern days celebrities has the highest score in an IQ test? Or maybe you want to know who scored the lowest… If we were to tell you that Hillary Clinton’s IQ is higher than her husband’s, would it come as a surprise to you? A person’s IQ was defined in 1912 as a fraction between one’s estimated mental age and their actual, chronological age. And once you see which public figures have what IQ, you might get a more complete idea about them or simply go and say “well DUH!”… It’s actually shocking to find out that George W Bush senior, the 41st president of the United States had an IQ of only 96 where as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft score 160 points? Take a look at more stunning IQ test results for some very important people.

The universal soldier, Dolph Lundgren, the famous movie director Quentin Tarantino have the exact same percentile as the brilliant Albert Einstein the author of the Theory Of Relativity All of these three managed to score 160 points.

The public figure with the highest IQ of all times is (insert drum rolls here) none other but the famous painter, sculptor, inventor and scientist… Leonardo da Vinci with a whooping IQ of 220 but following straight behind him is the Russian chess champion, Gari Kasparov with 190. If you’re wondering how scientists were able to evaluate Da Vinci, well they analyzed all of his performances in the various domains he worked in.

Stephen William Hawking doesn’t believe in such a test and he refused to take one, but he was evaluated by others and they estimated that the English theoretical physicist and cosmologist has an IQ of 160.


And now… for the number you all wanted to see, Paris Hilton scored 107 on her test, not bad huh? The Terminatr and ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the proud owner of 135.

Check out the list below and see who’s doing pretty good in the intelligence department and who needs to grab a book and go back to study.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – 135
Bill Clinton – 137
Bill Gates – 160
Dolph Lundgren – 160
George H.W.Bush – 96
George W. Bush – 125
Hillary Clinton – 140
James Woods – 180
JFK – 119
Jodie Foster – 132
Madonna – 140
Nicole Kidman – 132
Quentin Tarantino – 160
Richard Nixon – 143
Ronald Reagan – 105
Shakira – 140
Sharon Stone – 154
Stephen Hawking – 160
Steve Martin – 132
Albert Einstein – 160
Gari Kasparov – 190
Leonardo da Vinci – 220
Paris Hilton – 107

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