Corpse Flower: The Smelliest Flower in the World

Did you know that somewhere in the world there is a flower that really smells like death? When we think of flowers, think about their fragrant scent, and their pretty appearance…The Corpse Flower is not a flower that you would like to sniff!

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Amorphophallus titanum translated as ‘giant misshapen penis’ is the largest flowering structure on Earth. These flowers are very special as their blooms are rare and unpredictable, once at ten years.

The Corpse Flower, as Amorphophallus is traditionally known, is famous for its original shape and smell. Think about the smell of decomposing flesh! Yeah…this is how the Corpse Flower smells during the peak of the 24-36-hour bloom!

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The Corpse Flower is originally from the equatorial rainforest of Indonesia and can stretch to 3 meters and is actually not one flower but thousands of tiny flowers which botanists call an inflorescence.

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These lovely-smelling flowers can be found mostly in the US but also in India, Australia, Denmark, Belgium and the UK. Curious about what does it smell like exactly? Well, combine cheese sweat, garlic, decomposing meat and rotting fish. It sounds to me like a deadly combination!

Here you have a short video about Corpse Flower!

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