Duels Between Public Servants Will Be Legal.

All around the world people are facing problems and have complaints about public servants and officials. Oregon State, U.S, recently had to figure out if a very old ban on dueling by public officials, as in the old-fashioned style of resolving fights, should be erased from the Oregon Constitution.

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There are many ways to solve a problem nowadays, but back in 1800’s things were ‘wilder’ as you can see it in Oregon’s Constitution. Oregon’s Legislature may have an awkward request for voters in the next general elections: Yes or No to public duels between public servants!

oregons constitutional law for public servants dueling

 Public duels were made official back in 1800’s and Oregon’s citizens made a throwback to the famous rivalry between Vice President Aaron Burr and the nation’s first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, was settled with a fatal gunshot.

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Like any other change in the Oregon’s Constitution, it must be approved by the voters rather than by the governor, for the final say. The proposed repeal of Oregon’s ban on dueling would appear on voter ballots as Senate Joint Resolution 44, or SJR 44. Let’s see if people will like to see some action in the streets or not!

Below you can have a little fun while watching another version of the famous duel in 1804 between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

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