First Proof of an Alien World

Finally, we have a video with the first proof of an alien world existence! Nasa’s Huygens probe landed on Saturn’s biggest moon Titan in June 2005!

first proof of an alien existence

New video shows how exactly an alien world looks like! NASA shared a footage that may seem like some stuff of science fiction but it is real and it does exist on Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan!

Cassini mission had the aim to capture the most wanted images from Titan and it succeeded! The European Space Agency project, Huygens traveled to Titan as the companion to Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft! The Huygens spacecraft went on a self-destruct mission but it offered the world some of the most amazing images from Titan!

alien world on Titan

The whole point was to help us unravel the potential of habitability of this tiny world. The pictures show many similarities between Titan and the early Earth, and that is what amazed scientists the most! Earth-like river rocks, composed of water ice, river channels, and floodplains were also captured in the images and video.

Here is the amazing NASA’s footage!


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