Fun Facts And Trivia About Champagne

How Much Do You Know About Champagne?

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Tick tock, tick tock new year’s eve is almost here and you might want to brush up on knowledge about the most important drink on the very important night when you leave behind all of the madness of the old year, and welcome a new, hopefully better one. We’re sure you all know that in order to be considered proper for the making of champagne, the grapes have to be grown in the region of Champagne, there’s actually a French law that stipulates that. But are you aware of the very important Henry law? This special principle is actually a law of physics which states that there is equilibrium between the CO2 inside the liquid and the gas which is found in the spaces of the cork. To help you understand better, we found a really interesting video to show you exactly what happens when you pop open a bottle of champagne.

The video explains that: “As the bubbles ascend the length of the glass in tiny trains, they drag along molecules of flavor and aroma which explode out of the surface, tickling the nose and stimulating the senses”.

But until the grapes we all know and love can turn into the sparkling champagne we all love even more, there are a lot of processes to be considered. Two two fermentation cycles are involved, which must be done just right, in order to deliver the correct concentration of bubbles in the final product. During the first fermentation, just as for any other kind of wine, yeast eats up sugar molecules in grape juice and releases CO2 and ethanol. The second fermentation traps CO2 inside the liquid.

Have a look below and see how it’s done.

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