Largest Family in Britain has 20 Children

The largest family in Britain is expecting their 20th child. While some parents barely can handle two kids, this married couple from Britain deals with twenty! Yeah, you heard right… twenty kids in only one house! Isn’t that crazy? Warning: Parents, do NOT try this at home!

largest family in britain has 20 kids

Sue and Noel Radford are married, happy and surrounded by children. Britain’s biggest family is getting bigger as they are waiting for their 20th child! For some parents, dealing with one or two kids is already too much, but for Sue and Noel, it seems like twenty is a good number.

biggest family in britain has 20 kids

After they announced the birth of Pheobe in July 2016, they just had a little break until announcing another baby-to-come! The couple runs a bakery in Heysham, Lancashire and lives with their treasures in a big Victorian house.

20th kid of the biggest family in england

While Noel works 8-10 hours/day, Sue stays at home, taking care of the little ones. She has to do nine loads of washing every day and manages to keep their food budget at £300 per week. They buy 18 pints of milk and three boxes of cereal every single day !!

They announced the last baby arrival on social media, mentioning Sue’s due date:’Boys – 10, Girls – 9 and BABY makes it 20. Arriving Sept 2017.’


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