Most Romantic Movie Scenes

Most Romantic Movie Scenes


Titanic Front Of Ship Scene Voted Most Romantic Movie Moment .Let’s see the top 10 .

‘Titanic’s front of ship scene has been voted the most romantic movie moment of all time.

The Oscar-winning film – which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet – topped a poll by Italian liqueur Disaronno to find the most popular love scene, in which their characters Jack and Rose go to the front of the doomed cruise-liner and pretend to fly.

This is so lovely .Really romantic.. i dream that someday i will have somebody with who i can share a moment like this..

Top 10 Most Romantic movie moments ever:

1. ‘Titanic’ – front of the ship scene

2. ‘Love Actually’ – signs scene

3. ‘Ghost’ – clay turning scene

4. ‘The Notebook’ – the writing scene
(can’t find that scene)

5. ‘Pretty Woman’ -final ladder climbing scene

6. ‘Dirty Dancing’ – ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ scene

7. ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ – final Empire State Building scene

8. ‘Lost in Translation’ – final whisper scene

(i can’t find that scene ,but here are some nice scenes)

9. ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ – final factory floor scene

10. ‘Casablanca’ – kissing scene

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