Shocking Video: What Coke Really Does to Your Stomach?

Here you can watch a shocking video with a very interesting experiment: What Coke really does to your stomach? We do know that Coke is not the most healthier drink in the world, but how dangerous is it actually? Take a closer look below!

what coke really does to your stomach

People want to stay fit, eat and drink healthier, but there are many temptations around us that we just can’t refuse. This article maybe or maybe not will make you give up on Coke forever, but at least it will give you some chills down to your spine!

crazy experiment what coke does to your body

This shocking video shows what really happens when you pour Coke into a glass that contains a liquid similar to stomach acid. It might leave you a bitter taste in your mouth, but it’s reality and we should consider it! The footage shows how within seconds those two substances bubbling and fizzing from the instant they come in contact.
coke experiment what happens in your body

What happens after the bubbling and fizzing? Well, this is a nasty image and try to imagine how bad looks inside you!  The liquid mix soon turned into something disgusting similar to road tar. Many who viewed the footage denied this experiment as being real but taking into consideration that you can remove rust with Coke, I don’t doubt that this drink is really harmful to our bodies.

Check out the shocking experiment and see what Coke really does to your stomach!

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