The Secrets Behind The Simple Smile

The Secrets Behind The Simple Smile


Some say that a smile is the key to success. Recently, Ron Gutman was so inspired by this simple look into the hidden secrets of smiling, so he searched in psychology, anthropology, sociology and many other “ologies” is order to find out how influential a smile can be. The study started with a yearbook in California. The people who had the largest smiles ended up having the best results at exams, and in their life,in general. Next, the study analyzed 1952 Major League baseball cards, the length of the players’ smiles is proportionally related to their life span.

baseball cards

The baseball players who didn’t smile at all in the cards lived in average 72,9  years, where as the ones who smiled widely lived to be more than 80 years old.

smiling baby in the womb

Humans belong to the species  who naturally smile, amazing 3d ultra-sounds show babies smiling from the womb. After birth, babies still continue to smile, mostly when they sleep. Blind babies are known to smile at the sound of their mommies’ voices.

tribal dancers

The smile is the simplest form of externalization.  Tribes known for carrying out cannibal rituals also use smile to express laughter or amusement.

kids smiling

Over 30% of us smile more than 20 times per day, but kids smile almost 400 times a day and they’re catchy… have you ever wondered why you find yourself smiling more when you’re around children? Uppsala University from Sweden conducted a study that revealed that when someone smiles, it’s a triggers your face muscles and you too shall smile, and it’s almost impossible to frown when someone’s smiling back at you. Smiles are contagious!


A smile can stimulate the cortex just as much as 2000 bars of chocolate could. Actually, British researchers have stated that smiling stimulates us in the same way that receiving 18 000 euros cash would.


So what are you waiting for? Just start smiling. Smiling makes us more presentable, it makes other people smile hence they start looking good and so on.

As Mother Teresa put it: “Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

Below you can watch a video of funny smiling animals, relax and smile with them.

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