Your Mind Will Control TVs and Phones

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Your Mind Will Control TVs and Phones

Soon we could all be changing channels with our minds. Researchers in Europe and Japan are developing thought-controlled consumer electronics that will allow us to play games, push buttons and send text messages just by thinking about it.

When I was a kid, my dad used me as his remote control. I, or one of my brothers, would at his request, turn the dial on the television — click, click, click — to the desired station.

Last month at the annual CeBit conference in Hanover, Germany, researchers from the Berlin Institute of Technology demonstrated a pinball machine game controlled by Electroencephalography, or EEG, technology.

And yesterday, the Nikkei daily announced a collaboration between Japanese corporations and universities including Toyota, Honda, Hitachi, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Osaka University and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International to develop similar technology that in addition to thought-controlled games and phones, would develop car navigation systems that search for restaurants when the driver thinks of eating and central air units that cool down or heat up when the person thinks they feel to warm or cold.

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