Latest 100 Amazing Posts

Latest 100 Amazing Posts

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5 Cases of People Fighting at Shops during Black Friday
Mummified Penis Displayed in English Museum
What happens when revenge goes wrong
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Horror Locust Invasion In Russia
Insane Speeding Car Crashes into House's Roof
Dog Saves Deer from Drowning
Mother-of-three Filmed Giving a Lap Dance Aboard a Ryanair Flight
Fattest Cat Named Skinny is Trying to Lose Weight
Incredible Two-headed Porpoise Caught by Dutch Fishermen
Woman With Rare Skin Condition Started a Modelling Career
Snake Popped Out of the Hood of a Moving Pickup!
A Man Stole a Mummified Human Toe to Serve it in Drinks
Amazing Elephants Working Together to Save Calf
Transgender Man is Pregnant With Second Child
Man Got Hit by a Out-of-control Bus and Survives
New Trend: Solo Weddings for Single Women in Japan
Shocking Video: A Girl Falls From Park Ride in New York
Terrifying Video: Half Sheep Half Human Beast Born in South Africa
Video: Terrible Accident on Highway in Los Angeles
New Cafe in San Francisco Offers Dinner Next to Rats!
Gay Dads Are Pregnant With First Biological Child
Australian Woman Discovered the Secret of Youth
Horrifying Video: Girl Pulled into Water by Sea Lion
Baby Walks Immediately After Leaving the Womb
Cobra Swallowed a Big Plastic Bottle
Alien-Like Creature Discovered in Japan
Woman Jumps on Car to Stop Thief Stealing It
British Man Drinks His Own Urine Daily
CEO Got a Pie on His Face on Live Public TV
Kenyan Pastor Perform Miracles by Touching Women Breast
Huge Python Captured in Moscow
Video: Loch Ness Monster Sighting on 7 May 2017
The Biggest And Longest Cat in the World
Alien Ship Found in Antartica
Shocking Video: Lion Attack His Tamer
Corpse Flower: The Smelliest Flower in the World
Man Got Second-Degree Burns for 350$
Duels Between Public Servants Will Be Legal.
Crazy Video: Man Goes Berserk After Credit Card Denied
Shocking Video: What Coke Really Does to Your Stomach?
Incredible Video: Huge Python Swallow Whole Hyena
Disturbing Video: Guy Opens Beer With Dead Shark Teeth
Scary 'Harry Potter Dementor' Figure Appeared in Clouds
Man Blows Up Sewer After Throwing a Cigarette
Shocking Video: Man Fall 30 Meters after Being hit by 30,000 Volts
Spillway in Lake Berryessa, California
Badly Parked Car Blocked By 40 Wheelie Bins
Boobs-Naked Lady Walking Down the Streets
Monstrous Snake Captured After Attacking a Village

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