Mummified Penis Displayed in English Museum

Check out the pictures and videos below with the amazing real mummified penis displayed in a museum!

The perfect place for founding weird stuff is, of course, a museum. A weird object…. ok, let’s say it clear… A huge mummified penis was displayed by an English Museum! Check out the story and let’s take a ‘long’ look at the pictures and videos below!
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New Cafe in San Francisco Offers Dinner Next to Rats!

The weirdest cafe in San Francisco offers to its customers a unique, unforgettable dinner next to… rats! Before you freak out, the rodents are domesticated and disease-free and if you saw Ratatouille then you know that rats can be quite cool!

This super cool Cafe will offer you coffee, pastry or anything you want for 50$ ( no extra fees for rats ) so check out below how it looks like!

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