5 Most Horrific Popular Mythological Creatures

5 Most horrific popular mythological creatures are still hunting the earth! You’ll see diabolical creatures kidnapping children and drawing people into the woods by their weeping! Creepy af’…

mythological creatures

We all know about mermaids, unicorns, and fairies which have been romanticized through the ages, but what about the ugly part of our folklore? Ever imagined how soul-sucking cats or child-thieving shape-shifters look like? If you didn’t, now it’s time to grow some balls and check out the list below!

1. The Squonk

Squonk mythological creatures

The Squonk is a mythical creature, originally from Pennsylvania. It is said that this creature is so ugly that it spends most of the time hiding and weeping! The squonk is of a very retiring disposition, generally traveling about at twilight and dusk. Its body is covered scaly skin with warts and blemishes making him a hideous forest animal.

Local people said that it’s not hard to track a Squonk! The weirdest and the hardest part is capturing one! It is said that whenever a Squonk is captured, he literally dissolve into a puddle of its own tears. Legend or not, this creature is hunting the Pennsylvania woods for many years!

2.The Tiyanak

Tiyanak mytholoogical creature

The Demon Child Tiyanak takes different forms in Philippine mythology and all around the world. It is said that Tiyanak died as an unbaptized child and so he became a restless ghost.

People believe that Tiyanak mimics the cries of a baby in order to confuse travelers, leading them deeper and deeper into the Philippine jungle before killing them. If you ever travel to Philippine and get the bad luck to hear some weird baby cries, you just have to turn your clothes inside out. Yeah, you heard right… This technique will make Tiyanak think that you are funny and so he might let you live!

3.The Cat Sìth

Soul sucker mythological creature

A soul-sucking cat? But.. cats are adorable! According to the Celtic mythology, the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands! Well, the cat is actually a demonic witch stealing the souls from newly deceased bodies awaiting burial.

Back in times, Celtics were guarding unburied bodies night and day to ensure that the Cat Sìth would not gain access to the corpse. It is believed that a soul took by the Cat Sìth will be doomed forever not being able to ever see the light.

4. The Yara-ma-yha-who

the Yara ma yha who mythological creature

The Yara-ma-yha-who is a small, vampiric creature from Aboriginal mythology. It is said that the red-skinned humanoid dwells on branches and waits to drop on his victims.

The creature has suckers attached to its hands and feet and so he empties his victim’s body of blood. The Yara-ma-yha-who waits until the victim is weakened and he starts to ingest it all. After the ingestion, he is resting, waiting to regurgitate the person who apparently is still alive and beginning the whole process again. Weird little creature!

5.The Ijiraq

The Ijiraq mythological creature

In Inuit mythology, the Ijiraq is a child-thieving shape-shifter and is said to live in between the world of the living and that of the dead. Though invisible to the human eye in their real form, they can be seen by shamans and other people with paranormal abilities.

This enigmatic creature kidnaps children, hide and then abandon them in the Arctic cold. Any man who steps in Ijiraq’s territory becomes hopelessly lost and unable to find his way home. It is believed that Ijiraq can be found in certain areas with large deposits of toxic sour gas, sulfur smoke, and geothermal activity.

Below, you can see a video with another top 10 scariest mythical creatures that might actually exist.

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