A Man Stole a Mummified Human Toe to Serve it in Drinks

Police investigate the theft of mummified human toe served in drinks! How crazy is that? This man is using the mummified finger as a signature drink in his own pub! Check out the whole story!

man stole mummified human toe

The Canadian police have recently started to investigate a quite weird case! A man stole a mummified human toe which was served for 40 years as a signature in clients drinks. Pretty unique, huh? I’m just wondering what can you actually do with a toe… But it seems like there are so many possibilities out there, like using them in your drink!

mummified finger was stolen 40 years ago

For more than 40 years the Downtown hotel in Dawson City served a cocktail or a shot of whiskey with a black mummified finger in it, fact that made the pub famous all over the city. Last week a man stole the famous finger and the case is still under investigation. The owner of the human toe offers a reward for anyone who has good information about the disappearance!

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