Alien-Like Creature Discovered in Japan

Incredible footage of an alien-like creature that was recently discovered by a Japanese insect enthusiast became famous on the internet. The video has hundreds of views and raised interest for many alien enthusiasts. Alien or not…. check it out!

alien like creature discovered in JapanThis weird creature is not actually an alien but it surely is creepy and unusual. It was recently discovered by a Japanese man and the strange footage raised curiosity among enthusiasts.

alien like creature is a weird insect

The alien-like creature above is actually a strange insect called Hercules beetle pupa.It is a species of larva which spends almost two years eating rotting wood, trying to gain enough power to cover itself with a hard red exoskeleton.

alien like creature is a larva

The video was shared on the internet by Ziya Tong, the host of a TV program called Daily Planet. The strange insect is the largest of the rhinoceros’ beetle and third largest of all beetles as it can measure up to 20 cm. His strong and deadly pinchers can grow even larger than his body ( only males have horns) and they used them for mating rituals.

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