Baby Born With Long Tail In China 2013

Chinese Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With A 3 Inch Tail

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In 2013 a baby boy was born with a bizarre long tail hanging out of his lower back, and the weirdest thing is that it is still growing. As spooky and strange as that may sound, it is a real case and we’ve got the story right here. Have a look for yourself at the 2013 Chinese baby with a tail.

Xiao Wei is the name of the poor baby who was unlucky enough to be born with an odd tail sticking out of his lower back. What’s even worse is the fact that the tail is posing a threat to his life due to the fact that it is still growing.

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The torment of the baby is determined by a medical condition he was born with, called spina bifida, which means that his vertebrae did not form properly, and his spinal cord, which is still growing, is protruding out in a sac. This variation of the defect is called myelomeningocele, in which the spinal cord forms a sac that contains the spinal matter.

meningocele repair series 2

The fact that the spinal cord is out in the baby’s tail only makes things worse for the doctors, who declared that they can not simply cut off the tail and make the baby look normal. Surgeon Huang Chanping declared that the growth is highly developed and now measures approximately 10 centimeters.

myelomeningocele illo

Are you prepared for even more weird info on the horrible on-growing tail? Surgeons have said that if they simply cut it off, the tail will just grow back again! So you might be wondering what can be done for the baby with the tail? Well, the spinal cord and vertebrae defect must be solved first, and only then can the tail be ‘chopped off’

baby with tail 2013 2

So hopefully, the good doctors will be able to cure the baby from this Myelomeningocele, which is one of the most common type of spina bifida, with an occurrence rate of 1 in 800 babies born.

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