Most Bizarre Foreign Objects Found In Human Bodies

Bizarre Foreign Objects Found In Human Bodies


The human body is, and forever will be an amazing mystery. But sometimes, it’s even more amazing to find things that don’t normally belong in a human body, like a knife in the head, of 300 coins in the stomach… Some people intentionally insert weird foreign bodies in to their own, others have the misfortune of finding nails in their heads, or in other cavities of their bodies.
Luckily, if they have the good fortune to survive having a nail inserted into their heads, the doctors rush to the rescue and take out whatever weird object they find in the human body. Here’s a list of some of the strangest foreign objects found in human bodies. Enjoy!

1. 9 centimeter Nail Stuck in the Brain:

Dante Autullo recently made the headlines due to the fact that he accidentally shot himself with a nail gun. As a result to the unfortunate accident, Dante realized that he has a nail in his head, and amazingly, he’s still alive. Some will call him insane, because of the fact that he waited 36 hours before going to the hospital… What was he thinking? Hey, I have a nail stuck in my head, I’ll just stay home, and maybe it will come out on its own…

autullo nail in the head

Well, things weren’t really like that, this lucky person didn’t even realize the 9 cm nail was inside his head, because upon entering the cranial cavity, this “clever” thing only left a small scratch, making everyone believe that the nail had missed him. After taking a relaxing nap, Dante woke up with severe head aches and nausea, which determined him to go and get a medical consult.

After seeing the x rays, doctors realized that they were dealing with a miracle! After waking up from the emergency surgery, Dante Autullo’s first words were: “Un-freaking-believable!”

autullo nail in the head 2

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2. Rusty Knife Removed From Head After 4 Years:


30-year-old Li Fuyan had lived with a rusty 4 inch knife blade in his head for 3 years without even knowing. During a robbery incident, the man got in to a fight with one of the robbers, while trying to stop him. At the time, the robber stabbed him, and the blade amazingly missed the throat and carotid artery which supplies blood to the head.


Image source

Four years later, during a routine check, the doctors discovered the strange object in his head and rushed him to the opperating room, where they removed the rusty blade. Surprisingly, in all that time while living with a 4 inch blade in his head, all that Li complained about was some occasional throat bleeding and difficulties in swallowing.

3. Various bizarre objects found in the digestive system:

– Buzz Lightyear toy:

buzz lightyear found in stomach xray

This is a very strange find in someone’s stomach… it looks like Buzz Lightyear really does go to infinity and beyond, or in this case, to a child’s belly. Apparently, this kid loved his toy so much, that he decided to eat it.

– More Than 300 Coins in the Stomach:

300 coins in a stomach

Image source

Doctors in a hospital from France were surprised to find 350 coins, an assortment of necklaces and also, a few needles in a man’s stomach… No, we’re not talking about a piggy bank, we are talking about a real-life strange person who swallowed the mentioned objects. The 62-year-old patient who was known to suffer from a psychiatric illness, was admitted with a swollen abdomen.

After seeing the X rays, they were speechless, the man had a vast collection in his body, probably the most bizarre case they have ever seen. The coins and other items were so heavy they had pushed the man’s stomach down between his hips. It seems that the patient just liked eating shiny objects.

– Kitchen Utensils in the stomach

kitchen- utensils found in stomach xray

This man has everything but the kitchen sink inside his stomach…

4. A Giant 10-pound hairball inside the stomach:

giant hairball in stomach 2

An 18-year-old girl came to the emergency room complaining of severe pain in the stomach, and an amazing weight loss of 40-pounds. Upon further investigation, doctors discovered that she had a giant fur-ball inside her, and it was taking up all of her stomach. How did it get there?
The answer to that question is even stranger: the girl ate her own hair, quite a lot of it actually, and since the human body doesn’t have the right enzymes to digest hair, well… the hair just stood there, with no way to be eliminated. Hope this makes you stop nibbling on your nails and hair.. . who knows what’s growing inside you!

giant hairball in stomach

Image source

5. A Live Worm Living In a Woman’s Brain

Rosemary Alvarez brain worm

Image source

Rosemary Alvarez was rushed to the neurological ER due to severe symptoms consistent with a brain tumor. When the doctors performed brain surgery on her, they were shocked to discover a living worm inside the woman’s brain.
How did it get there you ask? Someone, somewhere, had served Rosemary food that was smeared with the feces of a person infected with pork tapeworm parasite. The parasite is spread by insufficient hygiene, so be careful what you do with your hands, and be 10 times more careful of where you get your meals.

6. Child eats 30 Magnets And Lives to tell the story:

30 Magnets in stomach

Image source

An 8 year-old child was rushed to the emergency room after complaining of unbearable stomach pains. In order to understand what they’re dealing with, the doctors took x rays of her abdominal cavity and were shocked to discover that she had swallowed no less than 30 magnets and the worst part about it is the fact that they were moving inside her.
Magnets attract each other, and that’s exactly what was going on inside her belly. The magnets were tearing different organs to pieces with their magnetic force. Why on Earth did she do it? Well, the kid licked the rusty surface of a magnet and found that she liked the taste, so she ate it, along with another 29.
Magnet manufacturers should try to make magnets more safe for children, they could simply make them look look broccoli, no kid would go anywhere near it.

7. Coke Bottle inside colon:

Coke bottle inside rectum

Image source

A 60 year old man claims that burgles forced a coke bottle up his anus… talk about breaking and entering! The man complained of constipation, and after 2 days of c=suffering, he went to the hospital to have the evidence removed. The doctors supposedly used some sort of vacuum from hell and an extra large pair of forceps to get the object out.

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