Bizarre Zombie Dolls

Bean Shanine Creates The Most Bizarre Zombie Dolls

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Bean Shanine, an eccentric artist from the United States makes the most bizarre zombie-vampire dolls. Her creations are truly frightful for any grown-up, but these reborn dolls, as Bean likes to call them, appear to have an enormous success. Check out the living-dead stories of these weird dolls and see more picture of these gruesome zombie dolls right here.

Bean Shanine is a 32-year-old artist who appears to make a living out of the undead… This eccentric artist spends up to eight hours per day creating, designing and basically bringing to life these fearsome dolls, which would essentially scare the living daylights out of everyone… We have it on very high authority that even Sharon Osborn called these dolls “slightly disturbing”. When it comes to disturbing, she should know a thing or two about it… since she’s been living with Ozzie for a long time…

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The scariest part about these zombie-vampire baby dolls is the fact that they look very much alive… If you take just a shallow look at the pictures, you’d be tempted to think that you’re looking at a real baby, and at an extremely good Halloween costume… when, in fact, it’s just one of Bean’s zombie-reborn dolls.

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The artist puts a lot of time and effort into making these odd little monsters. Each doll has to be painted with 30 layers of paint in order to get this realistic look. After each coat of paint was added, the vampire-zombie doll needs to be baked so that the special paint can settle in. When the painting process is finished, the doll is assembled and then the hair is rooted strain by strain so that the life-like look is preserved.

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Adding the hair may take up to eight hours, and painting the hair another six hours… You can all imagine that the supplies needed for creating these little monster dolls are pretty expensive, so it’s now easy to understand why the starting price for such a creepy creation is 650 US dollars. Some collectors even pay up to 1500 dollars for one doll.

bean shanine zombie dolls 5

These dolls are not recommended as play-toys, but rather as collectible assets. So far, Bean has done 50 such dolls, and she intends to “keep calm and carry on”.

When asked what her own children think about the zombie-dolls, the artist declared that:

My four-year-old thinks they’re cool – most kids these days think zombies are awesome… but with a mum who has pink hair and tattoos they can handle some dolls

bean shanine zombie dolls 2

See more pictures of zombie dolls and some videos about how they are made on page 2:

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