Bizzare Penis Snake Discovered in Brazil

Bizzare rare penis snake discovered in Brazil

bizarre snake brazil 1

New species of snake? Yes! A strange snake was found in Brazil and it resembles a  penis… The entire biologists world are amazed of the discovery. especially due to the fact that this rare and strange species was thought to be extinct.
Scientists discovered the weird animal on the bottom of Madeira River in Brazil, and its a rare species of amphibian called Atretochoana eiselti. Wanna find out more about it? Let’s discover together all the facts about this bizarre species of “snake” found in Brazil.

We know what you’re thinking, this is all probably a hoax, a practical joke someone made, but we assure you this is actually a real, very important discovery. While the scientific world is exhilarated with this new species of amphibian, the media world is having a frenzy due to the fact that this snake type perfectly resembles the male genitalia.

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The weird snake is simply one of the many mysteries of the Amazon river. A team of engineers who were building a dam in the amazon made a spectacular discovery while the Madeira River was being drained. Biologists were called to the scene, and six such snakes were lifted from the site. Out of the six snakes, one died, three were released back into the wild, and two were taken for scientific studies in a laboratory.

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Biologist Julian Tupan was the one in charge of the research, and he declared that:

“Despite looking like snakes, they aren’t reptiles and are more closely related to salamanders and frogs. The Amazon is a box of surprises when it comes to reptiles and amphibians. There are still much more to be discovered.”

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The weird snake that resembles a certain male appendage is blind, it has no ocular globes, it breaths through it’s skin, it’s body has no lungs, and more importantly, scientists believe that it’s not really a reptile, but an amphibian species which feeds on small fish. The media has dubbed this weird animal the “man-anaconda”, and biologists refer to it as a floppy-snake.

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It’s a pretty amazing species of animal, wouldn’t you agree? See one more picture of it below:

bizarre snake brazil 6

But this new finding is not the only animal that’s pretty gross and shaped like a man’s special appendage. Check out below a special type of fish which is a delicacy in China and Japan.

Urechis unicinctus – the penis fish

Urechis unicinctus 1

It may have a weird name, and even hough it lives in the water and people call it a fish, this weird creature is actually a species of worm. This marine spoon worm is called Urechis unicinctus and as if its mere appearance wasn’t gross enough, it comes as a dish in Korea, Japan and China. But the worst part is the fact that it is served alive!

Urechis unicinctus 3

Yes, that’s right, this male genitalia-shaped worm is served raw and still squirming…

Have a look at the videos below to see this odd dish. We suggest you don’t watch them if your stomach is a bit picky…

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