British Man Drinks His Own Urine Daily

A British man is drinking his own urine daily, and he claims that this is the only way he can be fitter, healthier and slimmer. Disgusting or pure health? Wait… don’t go to pee yet! Check out the article first!

british man is drinking his own urine 466x700

So, yeah people around the world are drinking their urine for being healthier and fitter. This guy, Dave Murphy, has lost eight stone on a diet of his own URINE. He claims that in 2012 after he drank his own pee for 30 days, he felt better, lost weight and felt more energic.

british man drink his own urine

Since he drank his first urine glass, Dave noticed a lot of improvements to his body. Using urine for washing and moisturize his face, Dave achieved what he tried for many years: feeling good every day! Below you can see Dave before starting his urine diet.

dave before starting drinking pee

Not only that he improved his lifestyle by drinking pee, but he also boosted his immune system and has even cured life-long asthma. For Dave, pee is life: anti-aging skin product, a cure for asthma, alleviator for aches and pain and a health maintainer.

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