Cat-eyed Chinese Boy With Night Vision Superpower

Cat-eyed Chinese Boy With Night Vision Superpower


Night vision! What an awesome superpower. Almost all of us must have wished for such an amazing power when we were kids, but we eventually grew out of it and realized that only superheroes have nigh vision… and of course cats. Well, cats are no longer the only beings in “town” who can see in the dark.
A young Chinese boy named Nong Youhui was born with blue eyes (a rare color for the Chinese people), but that’s not the strangest thing about him. Nong is able to see in the dark, just like cats do. Also, just like a Siamese cat, his eyes flash neon green when they’re illuminated in the dark.

Rumors and speculations have it that the child is either The Starchild, or a human with hybrid alien DNA…pretty spooky, wouldn’t you agree?

His weird eyes enable the boy to be able to read and write down the answers to some questions, in a pitch black room. The scientists are now interested to find out if his DNA is has indeed mutated genes, and if not, how is it possible for him to have a special layer of cells in his eyes, called the tapetum lucidum, which exists only at cats and other nocturnal animals.

Below you can view some more pictures of the strange boy, and also a video of him and his mysterious super power.

nong-youhui-cat eyes boy 3

nong-youhui-cat eyes boy

Cat-eyed Chinese Boy With Night Vision 1

nong-youhui-cat eyes boy 2

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