Cobra Swallowed a Big Plastic Bottle

Photos and video of a cobra that accidentally swallowed a plastic bottle and struggled to spit it out. The villagers from Goa gathered around the snake to watch the incredible moment!

cobra swallow a plastic bottle tries to spit out

Last week in India, a cobra was searching for food nearby the Goa village but unfortunately, it only found a plastic bottle. The snake swallowed the empty bottle and struggled really hard to regurgitate it for quite a long time.

cobra swallowed a plastic bottle

Few villagers saw the incredible moment as they stopped to catch the whole regurgitating process on camera. The Cobra must have been mistaken the bottle with a small animal, but even if it wasn’t harmed, there are cases in which the reptile can suffocate and die. This is the first documented incident in the world where a snake is seen swallowing plastic bottle.

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