Drunkest Woman Alive Drinks 28 Pints Per Day

Drunkest Woman Alive Drinks 28 Pints Per Day


Meet Dawn Marsden, a woman who doctors say, should be dead… why you ask? Well, maybe the reason they say that is the fact that this woman drinks more than 28 pints per day, that means more than 16 liters, heck she gobbles up in one hour more alcohol than any drink-and-drive limit no matter what country. The 31 year old woman showed up so drunk in court, that she had to ask a reporter what her sentence was, just a few minutes after she had previously heard it. Dawn Marsden can drink up to 84 international units per day, a dosage approved and recommended by the NHS guidelines as the monthly alcohol limit for woman. Doctors say that if she were to stop drinking, her body wouldn’t handle it and she’d die, the physicians also stated that “She should be dead at those levels. The reason she isn’t is that she has trained her body by drinking every day. She is the equivalent of an Olympic athlete when it comes to drinking.” Who knows, maybe this homeless mother will be listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

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