Extreme Burial With 50 Strippers

Crazy video with 50 Strippers on an extreme funeral! The sexiest funeral ever?! Usually, a funeral is a sad event in everyone’s life, but the son of a Taiwanese former hired 50 exotic dancers for his father burial!

burial with 50 strippers

50 strippers at a funeral? For me, it sounds more like an exotic party! Son of former Taiwanese official hired 50 strippers to perform a crazy, sexy show on top of 50 jeeps, at his father funeral! How crazy is that?

73 years old Tung-Hsiang had a unique burial for sure! His son said that his beloved father lived his life surrounded by strippers, so he decided that 50 strippers will be a great final gift!

Tung-Hsiang loved life… and women, of course, so his son ensured that Tung will have the best funeral ever! The process was a fun one for most of the people and it lasted for two hours, causing traffic chaos! Many passing by citizens thought that Tung funeral was actually a carnival!

50 strippers on a funeral

Below you have the video with the exotic Tung’s funeral!

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