Feral Kids – Real Cases of Children Who Grew In the Wild

Feral Kids Children Brought Up In the Wilderness

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Feral Kids are kids who grew up in the wild, isolated from any form of civilization and human contact. Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Well to all of us, it actually is strange that a child of a very tender age could survive in the wild with no responsible adult taking care of them, but…
Animals are sometimes more responsible parents than humans themselves, and we have real cases of kids brought up by animals in the wild to prove that! Let’s check out some really interesting stories of feral kids.

Surely when you think about it long and hard you can realize that you are very much aware of the most famous case of feral kids of all times, the very own founders of Rome, namely Romulus and Remus who were raised by wild wolves… Well that myth may not be as ridiculous as you think. We have cases of kids who were actually raised by wolves. Let’s check them out:

1. Kamala and Amala

kamala-and-amala-feral-children-india 1

These two little girls are the most famous case of feral kids of modern days. They were found in 1920 on an October day, near some remote village west of Calcutta. The villagers were stunned to find that at a wolf feeding zone, they found two little girls, feeding along side a mother wolf and her cubs.

kamala feral kid

The humans immediately shot and killed the generous mother wolf and took the little girls, whom they named Kamala and Amala. The girls were estimated to be of ages two and eight, and were taken to the Anglican missionary church. No one knows what happened to the girls and how they ended up being raised by the wolves, but one thing is for sure: the girls had misshapen jaws, elongated canines, and the weirdest detail of all, is the fact that their eyes shined in the dark with the strange blue flare of cats and dogs.

amala feral kid

The girls didn’t survive for a long period of timeOne of them died the following year, but Kamala survived till 1929: and she had given up eating carrion, had learned to walk upright and she could use about 50 words.

2. The Bear girl of Fraumark (1767)

The Bear girl of Fraumark (1767)

There aren’t many cases of humans being adopted by bears, in fact we could probably count them on a paw… But there is one documented girl, who had reportedly been raised by bears in the woods. A group of hunters was shocked to see that after shooting a mother bear a small cub jumped at them to attack. The weirdest part about the attack is the fact that the cub defending its mom was actually a little girl.
The girl was institutionalized and she never accepted cooked food. She only ate raw meat and tree bark.

3. John Ssebunya the Ugandan monkey boy

the ugandan monkey boy

In 1991 a local villager from Uganda had ventured far from her home in search of fire wood, only to find a boy accompanied by a pack of wild monkeys. She immediately went back to get help and the boy was captured and brought back to her village.

People soon saw that his knees were almost white from walking like a monkey, he has very long and curled nails and he wasn’t even house-trained. After being cleaned up, the boy was recognized as little John Sesebunya, a child that had gone missing in 1988, when his father had murdered his mom when he was just 2 years old.

the ugandan monkey boy 2

The child admits that he remembers wondering off into the wild, and that monkeys come up to him, and offering him roots and nuts, sweet potatoes and kasava. John declares that during his life in the wild, the monkeys taught him to find food and climb and follow the pack. The boy grew up to have a normal life and at the age of 21, he moved to England.

4. The Syrian Gazelle Boy

The Syrian Gazelle Boy

Jean-Claude Auger is an anthropologist from the Basque country, and as he was traveling through the Spanish Sahara, when he one day noticed a slender boy: “galloping in gigantic bounds among a long cavalcade of white gazelles”. The child walked on all four limbs, but occasionally assumed an upright position.

The child instinctively twitched his muscles, scalp, nose and ears, identically to the rest of the herd, in response to the noises. He ate roots, he had level tooth edges which indicated a herbivorous diet. People tried capturing him in 1966, but failed, so they never tried again.

Below you can watch some documentaries of feral kids, and observe their behavior:

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