Fish With Human Teeth Found In Lake 2012

Fish With Human Teeth Found In Lake 2012 – and other photos of fishes with teeth captured in the past.

Fish with teeth 2012

Another fish that has human teeth was found in june 2012, in Lake Lou Yaeger,  Litchfield, Illinois.

People are freaked of this dangerous amazing weird fish, which first was marked as a piranha, but when they caught it and looked at its teeth they were amazed: human like teeth!

It seems that someone dumped this scary odd fish in the lake, but nobody knows how many of them are there.

Now the people from  Litchfield are too scared to swim in the lake, but the biologists assure them that they should not fear, as this fish is not dangerous to humans.
The weird fish was identified as the Pacu fish, who normally lives in the Amazon.It will not survive the winter in Illinois.
Below you can see the fish in the video, as well as what the people say about it:

Still interested? let’s see some other cases of fishes with human teeth.

In 2009 a so called ‘vampire’ fish was presented by National Geographic, along with a fish that has human teeth, the Pacu fish.Here’s a picture of the Pacu fish:

pacu fish with human teeth

You may think that this photos are photoshoped? Well think again, as this is an official photo the fish, confirmed by the biologists.

I’m sure you’re also curious about that ‘vampire’ fish, so let’s take a look at it:

vampire fish picture 21

Photo credit

(now that’s really scary! imagine what this freaking fish could do to you!)
Here’s another video that presents a fish like that at the beginning:

Still not scared?! Ok, let’s see some other strange and scary photos of fishes with teeth:

fish human teeth

 fish with human teeth42

fish with human teeth

fish human teeth1


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