Giant Head Disease Turns Man Into Monster

The Incredible Elephant Man: Joesph Merrick

Joesph Merrick Elephant Man

Joseph Carey Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man, lived from 5 August 1862 till 11 April 1890 he became famous for his deformities. His skin was full of lumps and thick portions, his right arm and foot were remarkably larger than the left one. In 1884 he found employment with a showman named Sam Torr who agreed to display him as the amazing Elephant Man.

Joesph Merrick Elephant Man 2

After numerous tours throughout the world, he retired at the London Hospital, where he remained for the rest of his life. He was believed to suffer from a rare form of Elephantiasis (read more about him here), but his diagnosis was discovered only in 1996 when a radiologist named Amita Sharma, from the National Institutes of Health (U.S.), examined x-rays and CT scans of Merrick’s skeleton and declared that Merrick suffered and died from Proteus syndrome, a terrible disease which was discovered in 1979.

Joesph Merrick Elephant Man skull

Ou Guifeng The Elephant Man From China

Ou Guifeng elephant man china 2

Ou Guifeng is 22 years old and he began to suffer from the terrible illness when he as just two years old. His mother observed growing numbers of tumors which eventually led to near blindness in his right eye. His face is now twisted, and he has liver problems, as well as deformities in the leg. He lives in Pingle County, Southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and people call himis called “Elephant Man”.

See more pictures of him below:

Ou Guifeng elephant man china

Ou Guifeng elephant man china 3

Ou Guifeng elephant man china 4

The Proteus syndrome can also affect just the legs. Mandy Sellars’ giant leg started growing back after being amputated Read more about it here


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