Giant Leg Starts Growing Back After Being Amputated

Giant Leg Starts Growing Back After Being Amputated

Mandy Sellar legs 2

Meet Mandy Sellars, her appearance might shock you at first, but you should know that apart from her continuously growing legs, the lady above is a very normal person. Unfortunately, her oversizes legs continue to grow, despite the fact that doctors can not explain why. Mandy Sellars has an extremely rare and unexplainable condition: her legs keep getting bigger and bigger. The doctors even had to amputate one of her legs, in hope that the condition will not impair with her walking, as much as it did before, but the results were shocking. After the surgery, the leg kept on growing.

The circumference of her left foot is now one meter, and the leg weights almost 20 pounds. The condition she suffers from is similar to Proteus syndrome, the cause of the famous Elephant Man, John Merrick’s, abnormal skin and limb growth, but that’s about all that the doctors know about this disease.

Due to the fact that she is getting worse v=everyday, the best solution which may end-up saving her life is amputating both legs. Mandy was born with this rare condition, and when the doctors saw that one of her legs was three inches longer than her other and both limbs were out of proportion, they only gave her a few days to live.

Despite the odds, Mandy survived and began walking at 18 months and here she is now, enjoying life at the age of 33. Geneticist Dr Susan Huson, from St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, is determined to identify Mandy’s condition. While amputation is inevitable, and Mandy still faces the biggest drama of her life, she is content with the fact that some day there may well be a condition in the medical books named after her.

Below you can view pictures of Mandy growing up, and also, more recent photos of her.

mandy sellars oversized legs childhood

mandy sellars oversized legs childhood 1

Mandy Sellar legs 1

Mandy Sellar legs 3

Mandy Sellar legs 4

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