Gigantic Snake Growing Inside A Woman’s Belly

Gigantic Snake Growing Inside A Woman’s Belly

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This is indeed the weirdest thing we’ve heard in quite a while! A woman, originally from Pakistan went to the doctors believing that she was 7 months pregnant, just to find shocking news: the ultrasound revealed a giant snake growing inside her. As unbelievable as that seems, it’s apparently true, 50 year-old Rasheedan Bibi claims to have accidentally swallowed a tiny snake from her drinking water, two months after the incident, her abdomen started swelling and the woman thought she was pregnant. After another 5 months she was extremely swelled and ill, that’s when she went to the doctors to find out what is wrong. The results were amazing, she had a huge snake growing inside her, now she seeks help at the authorities, because she can not afford the extraction procedure. How the snake grew in her body, still remains a medical mystery…

It’s amazing how the body didn’t reject the foreign animal immediately, and even more amazing and mysterious is what the gigantic snake inside her eats… The questions will remain unanswered until the surgeons operate Rasheedan Bibi from Saggar and take the snake out.

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