Horrible Skin Disease – “Bubble Man” Mohammad Umar

“Bubble Man” Has One Of The Grossest and Horrible Skin Diseases In The World

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The body’s biggest organ is the skin and clean skin is our calling card, but what happens when a terrible disease takes over and makes the skin look horrible and repulsive? Mohammad Umar, also known as “Bubble Man” has a rare disease that causes small tumors to appear all over his body, covering him up and making the poor man look like he’s wrapped in bubble wrap.
His whole life has been marked by the presence of small tumors that keep growing on every bit of his skin, a condition known as Neurofibromatosis.

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Umar lives in Hyderabad, India and he was born perfectly healthy with smooth baby skin and no sign of these awful tumors, but when he turned 14 years old, he noticed that small lumps were starting to grow on his extremities: hands, and feet. His mother also had similar nodules on her hands, but they never grew bigger in size or number.

Unfortunately, his mom had given her son a much worse form of the disease which would eventually turn him into the “Human Bubble-wrap”. By the time he was 20 years old, Umar already had the tumors on various parts of his body, including the face. By that time he already knew that he was never going to get better, and that a nightmare awaited ahead.

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Due to his “unnatural” appearance, he was look at as being inferior to a stray dog. In a world where looks are what mater the most, Umar had a really hard time. But somehow, he found he strength to overcome his problem and fight to have a normal life just like everyone of us.

Luckily, he didn’t have to go through it alone… At the age of 28, he found his true love, a 45-year-old woman named Farhat-un-Nisa, who was able to see past the unpleasant exterior and fall in love with his lovely personality and generosity: she declared that “I could sense Umar was a good man. He was kind and generous. My family warned me that the future could be difficult if his skin got worse. They even consulted a doctor on my behalf. But I took the risk”.

They grew old together, Umar is now 62-years-old and the two now have children of their own. Luckily for the boys, they didn’t inherit their dad’s genetic disease.

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As he grew older, the man’s disease go worse, and more and more benign, painless tumors covered his body. Despite the fact that they are painless on the outside, the bubbles covering Bubble Man’s body cause some very deep scars on the inside. Due to his exterior appearance, Umar lost all of his jobs and society treats him like he’s a diseased animal, rather than a fellow human in need of affection and respect.

But Umar is thankful for his family: “I try to keep myself tidy and presentable and my wife helps me shave and cut my hair but there’s not much I can do to hide these lumps, they grow and grow. I don’t know what I’d do without my wife, she’s a blessing and I’m lucky to have her. I love my family very much.” His wife Farhat said she has no regrets about marrying Umar.

But what is Neurofibromatosis?

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Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease cause by a mutation in a gene that creates a certain sequence of aminoacids. This mutation causes these small tumors to grow on the coverings of nerves. One in 2500 people gets this type of disease and unfortunately, there is no known cure for it yet. Despite the fact that we can’t prevent the lumps from growing, laser surgery is used to remove the tumors, hence creating room for more to grow (fortunately, they don’t grow so fast, hence allowing the person to lead a relatively normal life for a certain period of time.)

Have a look below and see the amazing case of Porter Colley, who also has been living with Neurofibromatosis since her early 20s. Instead of hiding inside a shell, this lovely lady has shown the world that people need to learn that what’s on the inside matters a whole lot more than what’s on the outside. And as she so nicely put it: “The more tumors I have, the more there is of me to love”.

Chandra Wisnu age 57 also lives with this terrible disease:

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How he feels about the disease: “People are afraid, they are frightened of my horrible face and worried they might catch the disease,” he said. “So instead I avoid people, I rarely go out except to pick up my daughter from school. “And when I do I cover my head and my face because I don’t want my daughter’s friends to bully her for having ‘the dad with the horrible face’.”

And below you can see more pictures of patients suffering from this horrible skin disease.

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