Incredible Snake With A Human Head Caught on Camera!

Incredible Snake With A Human Head Caught on Camera!

I’m still not sure if this is true..but it seems to be

snake with human head

It’s over 5,000 miles from Greece but residents from Pahang in Malaysia claim to have found a Gorgon, like the famed Medusa.

The strange creature, which has the body of a snake and the head of a human, was reportedly captured by Malaysian aborigines. The story goes that the men spotted two of the beasts, one male and one female, but only managed to catch the female. Witnesses claimed that the creature initially begged to be released back into the mountains, others say it was trying to summon the male monster to come and rescue it.

In Greek mythology Gorgons are hideous women often portrayed with live snakes for hair and a serpent’s body, one look into the eyes of a Gorgon is supposed to turn you to stone. The specimen on display in Pahang appears to be the coiled up body of a python with a human head and little skinny arms, news of the bizarre animal quickly circulated and people began paying good money to view the beast, which sadly turned out to be dead, the so called ’snake monster’ has not been verified.

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