Incredible Two-headed Porpoise Caught by Dutch Fishermen

Last week a two-headed porpoise was caught by Dutch fishermen near Hoek van Holland. An incredible video with the peculiar fish became viral quickly and raised thousands of views!

two headed fish caught by dutch fishermen 1

Few Dutch fishermen had an unexpected encounter after they caught a two-headed sea beast from the North Sea. Unfortunately, the two-headed porpoise was already dead when the fishermen dredged it up, but this doesn’t mean that it is not a huge discovery.

 two headed fish caught in Holland by fishermen

The bizarre creature was captured in a trawler net by mistake and offered the fishermen a good opportunity for taking dozens of snaps. Because the fishermen thought it was illegal to keep such a weird creature on board, they threw it back in the sea fact that meant a serious loss for scientists.

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