Is the Human Race Prepared For The Discovery of Alien Life ?

Is the Human Race Prepared For The Discovery of Alien Life ?

We’ve seen aliens in pictures,videos,and all over the internet. But are they real ?Is there anybody out there? Do Extra-terrestrials Exist? the universe is so huge,so they could be,right ? there are millions of planets,so i think is impossible that we are the only ones . We are not. There is alien life .  Man ‘Must Prepare to Meet Alien Life Forms

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As technology advances, scientists and social experts are taking the search for alien life forms to a new level. nbc’s Rhonesha Byng meets up with some academics who say “it’s good to be prepared.

In a recent presentation, Kepler co-investigator Dimitar Sasselov preempted the official announcement that the exoplanet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope has discovered about 140 candidate worlds orbiting other stars that are “like Earth.”


Some estimates show that the Milky Way alone harbors around 400 billion stars and countless exoplanets, and that’s just within our own galaxy. So there could potentially be billions of habitable cosmic bodies out there.

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